Convert Website Visitors Into Paying Clients And Customers.

Without a digital marketing plan you will not get the results you are looking for. Convert your visitor into customers and clients, put your  website to work with a fully-automated sales funnel that captures leads, nurtures prospects, and keeps customers  and clients coming back for more. 

The sales funnel is a well-known marketing concept that works by incrementally driving prospective customers/clients closer and closer to the ultimate goal: conversion. What is conversion?. It is the result that you want to achieve with your website. It could be product sales, membership signups, getting clients that pay for your services, event registration, or any other end goal. 

We use the sales funnel to drive people to your site, nurture them with useful information and special offers, and ultimately convince them that your product or service is the one they should get.


You are a Chiropractor . Your company sells services. Hence, when someone comes to your website your ultimate goal is to convince them to either call or email you with a request to schedule an appointment.

Here is what we can do for you

We will create an add to put on your website that will include a tagline that speaks to the visitor. No more than 8 words. “Schedule an Appointment Online and Receive A FREE Session”  . We  will then place a small button  that says, “Get Started” 

We will create a landing page  so that when someone clicks on the “Get Started” button,  we show them the offer.

We  introduce the offer.  How about “Schedule an Appointment Today for FREE” . We will introduce the Clinic  and  also show a map and hours of operation .

This is an example of a funnel to get more clients.  All funnels are different depending on your goals. Are you ready to get  more customers or clients? Request a quote bellow!!